It’s a ……!

Not only a blog but a brand new website to go with it! It’s been a long time coming but at last it’s here – it feels like a new addition to the family – the birth of a website! The conception was fairly straightforward – isn’t that always the easy part?. I had to […]

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Pearl Jones - Yeah! At last! I know you are a great photographer and you will do well.

Look forward to seeing your work.

I will definitely recommend you.

Andy - Thanks Mrs Jones!! I’m not sure that your recommendation can be considered to be impartial but I really do appreciate all your support xxx

Louise Allen - Beautiful photographs, makes me want another baby just to have some of your baby photos! Not sure Gareth would be too pleased though!

Andrea Evans - Hi Andy, these pictures are absolutely beautiful. You are truly talented. I need to get you to do my wedding. Keep up the good work.

Andy - Thanks Andrea – I’ll be happy to do your wedding when you find Mr Right! Just make sure his first name isn’t Always!!