I love to photograph families and children.  Lifestyle photo shoots should be relaxed and natural and can take place at your home or on location: in the park, the woods or on the beach or somewhere special to you. There’s no rush – I make time to connect and put everyone at ease and then we get beautiful natural shots of you and your loved ones.

I will personally edit your images and after a viewing you will be able to select the images to be made into bespoke pieces of art for the walls of your home or to be made into an album. The images that you use for your wall art or album will also be provided on a disc for sharing with friends and family.

A family lifestyle photo shoot will normally take around three hours at a cost of £125. There is a range of products available including framed prints, canvasses, acrylics and hand made albums starting around £125. A client can expect to spend between £500 and £2000 on products.

Individual lifestyle photo shoots are also available at a cost of £95 for a session of around two hours.


There is something extra special about photographing newborn babies.  Those first couple of weeks are so unique and pass so fast. You will soon forget what they were like and exactly how tiny they were!

Newborns are best photographed in the first two weeks of their life with the optimum time being between 7 and 10 days old.  Once they are older than two weeks they tend not to be as sleepy and are harder to pose. I always allow up to 4 hours for a newborn shoot as you never know how long it will take to get them into a deep sleep!

A newborn baby photo shoot is £95 and will normally take place at your home. I will hand edit the images for you to view and select your images to be used for wall art or a beautiful handmade album. Newborn photographs take a lot of time to edit as they often have blotchy skin and milk spots so there is a minimum order requirement of £250 although most clients can expect to spend between £500 and £2,000 on products


You only get one chance to make a first impression! These days’ social networking and websites are so important for businesses and often the first time a potential client actually sees you is in a photograph on a screen. It follows therefore that you really should have a professional portrait that you can use on your website and sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I will discuss your requirements and arrange to shoot at your workplace or other location. I will take a variety of shots that should take around half an hour. From these shots you can select three that I will edit and provide to you in different formats.

A business portrait session costs £95 pounds and includes three images. Additional images are available at a cost of £25 each.