Time to catch up….

It was with some embarrassment that I realised today that the last blog post I wrote was way back in 2014! What have I been doing? Well the truth of the matter is that I have been busy with everything, photography and family life. The other truth is that I am pretty hopeless in updating my website and Facebook and other social media sites. I love photography, especially weddings and I love delivering the images to my clients but I do struggle with the marketing side of running a business.

So today rather than putting ‘write blog post’ on my things to do list and then not getting around to doing it I decided to stop everything else and ‘blog’ one of my weddings.  I have loads to choose from but I thought I would do a ‘throwback’ type of post. Seeing as my last blog was in 2014 I’ve decided to start with a 2014 wedding.

So this was the wonderful wedding of Gabriella and Ashis or Gabby and Ash they prefer to be called. It took place on a sunny September day in the picturesque Essex village of Coggeshall. The wedding ceremony was in the enormous village church – St Peter ad Vincula. Seriously this church is almost cathedral in size!

Ash got ready in a nearby hotel whilst Gabby and her bridesmaids prepared themselves at Gabby’s parents house, her home as a child which was a fantastic location, as stunning inside as some of the nicest wedding venues I have worked at.

The house was full of wedding details and lovely touches like framed photographs of Ash’s mother and family who had not been able to attend from India. Even the family pets got dressed up for the occasion:

Probably best to let the photographs tell more of the story of the day….

Once Gabby was ready it was a short walk from the house to the church – there are not many weddings where you are able to do that!

One of my favourite moments was when Gabby realised that she had left her bouquet at the house and she took  refuge in a retail unit with her dad Kevin whilst a man from the unit and one of the bridesmaids went back to the house to collect the flowers …. this short interlude made for some nice candid shots….

After that it was into the church and the ceremony…

And then back out into the September sunshine for some group shots and a few shots of the newly weds before they walked back to the house…

The reception took place in a custom marquee in the rear garden of the house and after a few drinks and canapés I whisked the couple off to a small bridge in the village to get a few more shots..

Then it was back to the house for meal, speeches and party!

All in all a pretty perfect wedding day. I’ll try not to wait for over three years before I do my next blog!



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