It’s a ……!

Not only a blog but a brand new website to go with it!

It’s been a long time coming but at last it’s here – it feels like a new addition to the family – the birth of a website! The conception was fairly straightforward – isn’t that always the easy part?. I had to go into “Blue Peter’ mode and create a scrapbook of magazine cuttings showing textures, colours and fonts that I like and from that my visual identity was created – the logo, colours and fonts. There was then an extended pregnancy as I juggled various commitments. During this time the visual identity was subtly changed and enhanced,  the layout of the site was constructed and the content was eventually added. So here we are today at the birth of my website, all totally natural………..okay, I confess to a bit of gas and air!

I must thank the creator of my brand and website the lovely Melissa Love of Melissa Love Design for her creativity, professionalism and most of all her patience! I’m sure that I probably hold the record for the longest website design Melissa has ever been involved in but I think the finished article shows that it was worth all the time and effort! Thanks Melissa.

I must also thank my friend the equally lovely Rachel Hayton for my profile photo. Ironically, although a photographer, I’m not a huge fan of having my own photograph taken so Rachel did not have the easiest of tasks. I think she did remarkably well to make me look quite presentable. She assures me that I did not require any Photoshop work! Rachel is based in the North West so if anyone requires a wedding photographer ‘up north’ they can check out her site here. Of course if the wedding is ‘down south’ check out my work!Andy-Jone-Site-LaunchI hope you like the site – please feel free to leave any comments or feedback. If you know of anyone looking for an Essex wedding photographer or Essex portrait photographer (especially newborns!) please point them in my direction – not just Essex of course – Suffolk, Norfolk, Kent, London anywhere really – have car and cameras and will travel!  And a valid passport for the more exotic destination weddings!

I will be updating the blog fairly regularly so please revisit when you get a chance.



  1. Pearl Jones

    Yeah! At last! I know you are a great photographer and you will do well.

    Look forward to seeing your work.

    I will definitely recommend you.

  2. Andy

    Thanks Mrs Jones!! I’m not sure that your recommendation can be considered to be impartial but I really do appreciate all your support xxx

  3. Louise Allen

    Beautiful photographs, makes me want another baby just to have some of your baby photos! Not sure Gareth would be too pleased though!

  4. Andrea Evans

    Hi Andy, these pictures are absolutely beautiful. You are truly talented. I need to get you to do my wedding. Keep up the good work.

    • Andy

      Thanks Andrea – I’ll be happy to do your wedding when you find Mr Right! Just make sure his first name isn’t Always!!


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